The Evolution 

of Natural Skin care

When award-winning skin care formulator Eugene visited China, he discovered a wealth of mysteries and knowledge hidden from the world within traditional communities. Native villagers harnessed the benefits of local plants into therapeutic remedies for skin care and beauty. These formulas and ingredients have one thing in common - they are all chemical-free. 

Inspired by the illustrious history and practicalities, Eugene started collecting specimens of herbs and natural ingredients from these communities and embarked on a scientific investigation in his laboratory. 

The result of this research is Floriem, a luxury showcase of scientific natural skin care that is deep in science, culture and tradition. 

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Eugene He 

Eugene is an award-winning formulator specialising in phytochemistry research for cosmeceutical applications. In his lifespan as both a chemist and an entrepreneur, he has formulated over 40 products for multiple global brands. His work and contributions have been featured in Forbes, Vogue Paris, Elle, InStyle and many other notable publications. 

Image by ( d f y b ) TRAVEL CAPTURES